Submission instructions for Homework 1
  • Preferred method: Give me your paper sometime before class begins on the date it is due.
  • You can do this in the classroom right before class, or you can deliver it to my office anytime before 9:15 on the morning it is due.
  • If I am not in, just slide it under my office door. So if you are worried about being on time for class on Tuesday, you can, for example, slide it under my door sometime Monday, or turn it in after class on the preceding Thursday.
  • Do not leave your paper in my mailbox. If you do, I will count it as received whenever I pick up my mail, which will probably be late.
  • Alternate method, requested by some students: Use the CMSC submit server , with (rather poor) documentation.
  • If you try this method and fail to submit for any reason, you will get no credit. (The submit server is quite reliable.)
  • I will accept only three formats for your submissions: plain text (.txt), Matlab files (.m), and pdf files (.pdf). Any other formats will receive a grade of 0.
  • If you prepare your submission using any other formats (Latex, Microsoft Word, etc.), you need to convert it to one of the three acceptable formats.
    For Microsoft, for example, you can (1) save the file as plain text, or (2) convert it to pdf. One way to do the pdf conversion is this:
  • Use Windows to install a driver for a "postscript printer" (look at your options under "printers").
  • Print your file to this printer with the "save to file" box checked.
  • Convert the resulting postscript-formatted file to pdf using eps2pdf .
  • If this sounds complicated, I agree. Consider submitting hardcopy.
  • Email submissions of homework will not be accepted. You have only two options: hardcopy or submit server. Both of these give a reliable timestamp, but email does not.
  • Late submissions (hardcopy or submit server) are accepted, but with points deducted. Late is much better than never, since you need at least 50% on the homework in order to pass the course.
  • I'm open to suggestions for making this process easier without having it be a more of a burden on the TA.