Picture of Sharat
This is how I looked sometime ago. If you can't see the image very well, consider reading this page.
Work: 4435 AVW Building Campus
Voice: 5-1749

Hello, [This page is in transit. If you see a broken link, any absolute URL reference to cs.umd.edu should be changed to cse.iitb.ac.in. Alternatively, visit this page instead.

Research: I have worked in, roughly speaking, two areas relating to Computers: Graphics, and Vision with the help of my students and staff. Follow this link to get hold of some reports and papers. I sometimes put my latest talk here, and the last academic year publications. Students, please look here for my recent offerings on seminars, projects, and mini-projects (post-graduate students).

Teaching: I am teaching Data Structures. Courses I have offered in the past include Algorithms, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics, Digital Signal Processing, Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing, and (in the era when HTML did not exist) Data Structures and Algorithms, and Advanced Computer Graphics. For instructional material on teaching undergraduate Computer Graphics, click here. .

Bye now.