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Algorithms, Computational Complexity, Networks

ToC Blog Aggregator
NPO Compendium edited by Crescenzi, Kann, Halldorsson, Karpinski, and Woeginger
Scott Aaronson's Complexity Zoo
Erik Demaine's List of Events, Iftah Gamzu's conference-acceptance lists
INFORMS OR/MS Resource Collection, Optimization Online, COIN-OR
Easley-Kleinberg course and book.

Math, Science, Technology

Nurturing Scientists by Uri Alon
On our duties as scientists by Oded Goldreich
Eugene Dynkin's Collection of Mathematics Interviews
The Mathematical Atlas, Math Overflow
MathWorld, Internet Mathematics Library
Sloane's On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
The Erdõs Number Project (includes much info. about Uncle Paul)
History of Mathematics
Nature, Science, and PNAS
Blogs: Gowers, Tao, Nielsen, Flaxman, Cosmic Variance
Quanta Magazine and Slashdot


ACM DL, IEEE Xplore, UMD Library
DBLP, CiteSeer, Google Scholar
Scholarpedia, Wikipedia


A quote that inpires me.
Tamil, my native language; Solvanam, a Tamil literary publication.
Two Tamil fictional works that I greatly enjoyed: Uyirth Thaen (approximately The Nectar of Life) by Thi. Janakiraman and Thyaaga Bhoomi (approximately The Land of Selflessness) by Kalki. Their respective characters of Sengamma and Sambu Sastry inspire me.
Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC Metro
... "The journey is more important than the destination--that's part of life," he says. ... From Love at First Byte, a bio on Donald Knuth by Kara Platoni

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