Please note that admissions are administered by the relevant committees in our department. Also, the only situation where I can offer assistantship to a student is when she/he is already enrolled in our Computer Science Ph.D. program, has spent at least a semester here, and has research interests matching mine. Therefore, please do not send me e-mail about admissions; you can be assured that if your research interest matches mine, I will see your application.

Regarding assistantship or working with me, please send me e-mail only if you are already enrolled as a Ph.D. student in our Computer Science department, and have research interests matching mine. I also generally do not offer summer internships for students from outside UMCP.

The above is not by any means to discourage you from applying to UMCP, or from talking to me: to the contrary, I encourage you to apply to UMCP if you believe the university is a suitable place for you. I have to handle a large volume of e-mail; so, if I am clearly not the right person for you to write to, I would like you to know it (e.g., as mentioned above, admissions are administered by the relevant committees in our department) -- hence this message. I wish you the best with your educational goals.

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