The Global Cyber Vulnerability Report

by V.S. Subrahmanian, Michael Ovelgonne, Tudor Dumitras, and B.A. Prakash


The Global Cyber-Vulnerability Report is the result of analyzing two years of data from Symantec comprising over 20 billion malware and telemetry reports from over 4 million machines per year over a 2 year period. The GCVR looks at the average number of attacks per host machine and the percentage of host machines in a country that are attacked as measures of the cyber-vulnerability of 44 countries in all. The 44 countries studied include most major developed and developing economies. In addition, the report looks at the cybersecurity policies of all 44 countries and tries to identify important next steps that must be taken to mitigate cyber-threats.

Please cite as: V.S. Subrahmanian, M. Ovelgonne, T. Dumitras, and B. A. Prakash. The Global Cyber-Vulnerability Report, Springer, Dec. 2015.

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