Yigitcan Kaya

I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at University of Maryland College Park. My research advisor is Prof. Tudor Dumitras. My broad research focus is on adversarial machine learning. Specifically, I develop methods to digest the hidden information within deep neural networks into intuitive and often security-related metrics, such as overthinking. I also have done work in exploring practical threat models against ML systems, such as sneaky poisoning attacks or hardware-based attacks, and I recently started working in ML privacy, including differential privacy. As a huge psychology geek, I am hoping to utilize the concepts and techniques from cognitive psychology in my research.

My research life started in summer 2016, when I joined Prof. Dumitras' team in MC2 as a research intern. In MC2, I had the opportunity to see a great research environment. After returning to Turkey and finishing my undergraduate degree, I decided to come back to UMD and pursue a Ph.D. degree with Prof. Dumitras.

I usually just go by Can, pronounced very similar to 'John'.

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cankaya at umiacs dot umd dot edu



5112 Brendan Iribe Center,
Department of Computer Science,
University of Maryland, College Park.
MD 20742