1998 UMD High School Programming Contest


The University of Maryland High School Programming Contest brings talented students from high schools throughout the DC metropolitan area to the campus to participate in a three hour competition which will test their programming skills and problem solving abilities. This is a day long event.

Students compete in teams of four. Programs are written in Pascal, and submitted electronically to the judges who test the programs and decide if a submission satisfies the correctness criteria. If you are interested in additional details about the format of the competition, you can view the complete rules.

The 1998 Contest was held on March 14 at the University College Campus of the University of Maryland. Twenty-four teams from Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia competed.


Finish Prize School
lst $2500 EDS Prize Thomas Jefferson High School
2nd $1500 Oracle Prize Montgomery Blair High School
3rd $1000 CSC Prize Atholton High School
4th $750 Eleanor Roosevelt High School
5th $750 Springbrook High School
6th $750 Walter Johnson High School
7th $750 Parkville High School

In addition, the J. Robert Dorfman Prize given by Step L.,Inc. and private donors ($1000 for the most elegant solution to a numerical analysis problem) went to Thomas Jefferson High School.


Questions and Answers


Previous Contests

Contest Organizers

  • Patrice Grossmann (outreach coordinator)
  • Mary Saffell (director of administration)
  • Contest Judges

  • Jeff Hollingsworth (technical assistance)
  • John Gannon (department chair)
  • Leana Golubchik
  • Pete Keleher
  • Dave Mount
  • Bill Pugh (technical assistance)
  • Chau-Wen Tseng (contest director)
  • Sponsors

    The following corporations and organizations donated money or services to support the 1998 University of Maryland High School Programming Contest.

  • Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Maryland
  • Academic Info. Tech. Services
  • Computer Data Systems, Inc
  • Computer Sciences Corp.
  • Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
  • GE Info. Services
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • Step L, Inc.
  • University of Maryland, University College
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