Discrete Structures
Fall 2003
December 22, 2003
Final exam scores and final course letter grades are now posted. We all hope you have a safe and happy winter break.
December 12, 2003
Last few announcements of the year:
  • There will be a review session held on Monday, December 15th, from 6-8pm, in CSIC 1115. The format will be question-and-answer: bring your questions and problems, and we will try to answer and solve them.
  • The TA office hours will end as of today, December 12th.
  • Jan Plane will continue to have office hours through the day of the final exam, December 17th.
  • The final exam will be held on Wednesday, December 17th, from 4-6pm, in ARM 0126. Preparation materials are posted in the Exams section.
  • Final grades will be posted on the webpage on Friday night or Saturday morning.
November 15, 2003
Exam 2 is this Thursday, November 20th, from 5:15-7pm in BPS 1240. Preparation materials are posted in the Exams section.
October 28, 2003
For HW #8 question #6, Assume c < n so you don't need the a (sub 0) term
October 21, 2003
Exam 1 grades are posted in the Grades section, and the exam itself and the solutions are posted in the Exams section.
October 8, 2003
Exam 1 will be held in BPS 1240, which is the main lecture hall in the Biology-Psychology Building. Again, it will be next Thursday, October 16, from 5:15-7pm.
October 5, 2003
With Exam 1 less than two weeks away, we have posted some practice materials in the Exams section of the site. You'll find sample exams with answers, plus extra practice problems.
September 24, 2003
Two announcements for today: first, the current grades have been posted; the grades will be updated (hopefully) every week, on Wednesday or Thursday.

Second, the first exam is rapidly approaching; please try to contain your excitement. The first exam will be on Thursday, October 16, from 5:15 - 7pm. We will announce the location as soon as we find one.

If you have a conflict with the exam time, please send email to Jan ASAP. Include the reason why you cannot be at the exam, and your schedule for Friday, October 17 --- that's when the makeup will be.

September 18, 2003
Classes today have been cancelled due to Isabel. The Homework #3 you received on the 17th has things that were expected to covered on the 18th. This week's homework will be very light. Only do the first two problems (both on the material we had already covered). We will put the last two questions on Homework #4 as we rearrange topics.
September 3, 2003
There have been some changes to a few office hour times (Tamer's and Meghan's). Please take a look at the online syllabus or office hours grid for the updates.
August 28, 2003
Welcome to CMSC250. Please check this webpage regularly for announcements and other important information. Discussion sections will begin meeting on the second day of classes (Wednesday, September 3).