CMSC 216:
  Introduction to Computer Systems

CMSC 216



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Project 1 - due Wednesday, Sept. 22, 6PM

Project 2 - due Friday, Oct. 8, 6PM

Project 3 - due Monday, Oct. 25, 6PM

Project 4 - due Tuesday, Nov. 9, 6PM

  • Valid inputs for the first program, to compute greatest common divisor, are positive integers, so the range is [1, 1000], not [0, 1000].
  • Note that the Y86 assembler requires a newline at the end of an assembly file.  Make sure to put one in there, since emacs does not force you to.
  • To test that you do not have extra spaces at the beginning or end of the output for the number list program, you can add the line "space sensitive: true" to the .yml file, to turn on strict output testing.

Project 5 - due Monday, Nov. 29, 6PM

  • Please get a new copy of project5.tgz from the Grace public project5 directory. The wait.h include file on Grace is broken, so please use the one in the .tgz file instead. The new .tgz file also contains other related include files, and updates execute.c and mysh.c to use the revised wait.h file. If you already started implementing the project in execute.c, get the update.tgz tar file instead, which will not overwrite your changed execute.c file.

Project 6 - due Friday, Dec. 10, 6PM

  • If you want to use functions declared in <sys/resource.h> (e.g., getrusage()), use the resource.h and bresource.h files in project6.tgz instead. The ones in <sys/resource.h> are broken.
  • Extra credit deadline changed to Monday, Dec. 6


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