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General Information

General information regarding OpenGL, which may be relevant to the projects, will be presented here.

  • OpenGL Error Checking: OpenGL does not report errors, but it is possible to query OpenGL to determine whether an error has occurred. This is done with the procedure glGetError. A simple procedure for checking errors (both in C++ and C) can be found here.
  • Animation Speed Control: Because different systems and different rendering contexts require a different amount of time to process, it is useful to have a procedure that returns the wall-clock time. This is provided by the system function ftime. A code snippet that extracts millisecond counts can be found here. (Beware: Your system's clock resolution may be lower than a millisecond. Around 20 milliseconds seems to be common on current Window systems. It may be good idea to average times over a number of refresh cycles to obtain a better estimate. If the window is resized, your estimate will likely need to be updated.)

Project 2

Project 1

  • Resources: This zip file contains version-1 of Project-1 Resources, including sample executables for both Windows and Linux, and some geometric utilities for 2-dimensional geometry, called Vector2d. Updates may be posted, for example, if we add enhancements or fix bugs in our program. The linux version is configured to run on the Linuxlab machines. If you would like an account for these machines, please let me know.

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