CMSC 131/131H, Object-Oriented Programming I
Fall 2011
December 23
  • Final course grades have been submitted.  They should be available shortly from Testudo, but it's possible that they may not show up until later tonight or tomorrow morning (we don't have any way to tell).  If you don't see your grade please just check Testudo again later, rather than emailing your instructor, since we can't do anything about it, and we don't have the resources to individually email grades to 350 students.
  • Don't forget to save anything that you want to keep from your CVS repository and the class webpage (see below), because at some point in the future these will become unavailable.
  • The results for the remaining coursework are being made visible on the submit and grade servers, and the programming style results for Projects #7 and #8 are being sent now.
  • The final exam results, for all the non-honors sections combined, were:
131.4/200 (65.7%)
standard deviation:

The score distribution for the final exam was:

180-200 (90-100%):
160-179 (80-89%):
140-159 (70-79%):
120-139 (60-69%):
100-119 (50-59%):
80-99 (40-49%):
60-79 (30-39%):
40-59 (20-29%):
  • The overall average on all coursework for the semester (for all non-honors sections combined) was 73.7%.
  • Happy holidays, enjoy your break, and best of luck next semester!
December 19

Note the following important end-of-semester announcements:
  • If you had difficulty being able to take the CMSC exemption/placement exam before or at the beginning of the semester please send a brief explanation to Larry Herman after your finals; we are trying to able to suggest changes to the exam procedures for the future.
  • There will be a delay of several days, perhaps up to a week, before final course grades are available, due to the TAs' final exam schedules.  If you don't see your final grade on Testudo it doesn't exist yet, so please do not send email asking about your grade, just check Testudo again later.
  • The University policy is that instructors must retain final exams.  If you want to see your final exam you may contact your instructor after final grades have been submitted, but your instructor has to keep the exam.
  • At some point after the semester ends the class webpage will become inaccessible.  If you want any information from it that you don't already have you will have to save copies of it after your finals are over.  The instructors will not be able to provide copies of course materials in the future.
  • At some point after the semester ends your CVS repository, and everything in it, will disappear.  The repositories are on machines (the Grace machines) run by the campus Office of Information Technology, and they delete the space sometime after every semester.  If you want to keep copies of any of your coursework you should follow the steps below.  Students are often asked for copies of coursework, for example in the future at job interviews or for internships.  If you may ever need copies of your coursework for these purposes you have to save them yourself; the instructors will not be able to provide you with copies in the future.  Even if you don't want to keep copies of your coursework, if you ever try to run Eclipse after your repository has disappeared you will get dozens of  popup error messages when you start it, as it tries to connect to the repository that doesn't exist any more, so everyone should follow these steps after finals are over to remove the old repository connection.  This will retain copies of your coursework on your own machine (if you want), but Eclipse will not associate them with the CVS repository any more:
    • Run Eclipse and go to the Java perspective.
    • In the package explorer, select (highlight) all the projects and discussion exercises that are in your CVS repository (the ones that have "[]" next to their names).  You can use control-left-click to select multiple items in the package explorer.
    • If you do want to save any of your coursework from this semester just skip this step and go to the next step.  If you don't want to save any of your coursework from this semester, just right-click on any of the selected items and choose "Delete".  In this case choose "Delete project contents on disk (cannot be undone)" in the popup window, then go to the last step below.
    • Right-click on any of the selected items and choose "Team → Update".  (If you get any popup errors, try "Team → Commit" and then try updating again).  Before going on, you might want to check the "Error Log" to see if there are errors listed for any of the projects, and if so, look at the files in those projects to make sure that they look like your correct final versions before continuing.
    • Right-click again on any of the selected items and choose "Team → Disconnect...".  In the popup window select "Also delete the CVS meta information from the file system".  This disassociates each Java project from the CVS repository, so they're still stored in your local Eclipse installation, but Eclipse no longer tries to keep them in sync with the now-nonexistent old repository.
    • Lastly you have to remove the old CVS repository connection entirely.  Go to the CVS perspective and right-click on your old repository location and choose "Discard location", and answer "Yes" when asked. After all the above your repository connection should be gone from the CVS perspective, and if you go back to the Java perspective you should not see any items in the package explorer with "[]" next to their names.  You should be able to restart Eclipse and it should run without any errors, and should not try to connect to your CVS repository.  Optionally (unless you deleted it above) you may want to export some or all of your coursework to other directories or folders so you can refer to it in the future without having to run Eclipse- to do this choose "File → Export → General → File System → Next >" and in the left pane select any of the coursework that you want to export, then click on "Browse" to choose a directory to export the coursework to, choose "OK", and then click on "Finish".
December 16

The final locations are:
  • If you are in sections 0101, 0102, 0103 (Dr. Jacobs' sections), or the honors section (Dr. Pop' section), the final is in PHYS 1412
  • Otherwise (Larry Herman's sections) the final is in BRB 1101

Good luck on the final.

December 12

The regular course office hours will run through Wednesday.  The instructors will have extra office hours:

Wednesday: 10:00-12:00 (Dr. Pop) (note regular office hours will also occur Wednesday)

Thursday: 10:30-12:30 (Larry Herman), 1:30-3:30 (Dr. Jacobs), 3:30-5:00 (Larry Herman)

Friday: 10:30-12:00 (Larry Herman), 12:00-2:00 (Dr. Jacobs), 2:00-3:00 (Larry Herman)

December 11
  • Note that your file must be named exactly as shown, including exact capitalization, or you will receive zero points for your student tests.  The graders aren't able to go through hundreds of submissions by hand to search for where your student tests are- we have a program that selects the file for grading- but its name must be identical to be found.
  • The Project #7 secret test results are now visible on the submit server.
  • Look for various important end-of-semester announcements here shortly!
  • Earlier in the semester we heard reports from some students who had difficulty in being able to take the exemption exam for this course, either in the first week or so of classes, or during orientation.  If this happened to you, please send a short description to Larry Herman (email address below) now or after finals.  We are trying to find out how many people this may have affected so we can see if there are any suggestions we can make to the department for some procedural changes regarding exemption exams in the future.  Thanks for your assistance.
December 10

A few wording clarifications have been made to Project #8.  Note the following, that we thought we should point out based on questions that came up during office hours:
  • You have to create files for all the classes for this project, including the file.  (Be sure all your classes are in the socialNetworking package!)
  • Nowhere does the project assignment say that names that differ in case (for example "Bob" and "BOB") are to be considered the same, in terms of the way that users are to be ordered.  (Be sure not to assume anything that the project specifications do not say.)
December 8

Prof. Pop's office hours on Thursday, December 8, are canceled.

November 17

One sentence in the Project #6 assignment had an error and was corrected, in the description of the method getBestValue. Originally it said "It should return the smallest value of the elements of its should return the largest value of the elements of its parameter array values that is between 17 and 21 (inclusive), or the smallest value in the array if it has no values between 17 and 21."  The correct (current) wording is "It should return the largest value of the elements of its should return the largest value of the elements of its parameter array values that is between 17 and 21 (inclusive), or the smallest value in the array if it has no values between 17 and 21."  (The changed word is highlighted.)

November 14
  • The TAs' office hours will end a half hour early tomorrow (Tuesday, November 15), at 5:00 rather than the usual 5:30 Tuesday end time.  If you want to come to office hours on Tuesday be sure to come well in advance of 5:00, since the TAs will need to leave then.
  • Prof. Pop is out of town on Monday, November 14 and will not hold office hours.
October 20

For Project #4, it could be a little difficult for you to figure out how to test your methods yourself, for things that are being tested in the secret tests but not in the public tests. The only way to do it would really be to add print statements to your methods, to see what results they're producing. Because this is a little inconvenient, we're going ahead and changing the secret tests for Project #4 to release tests. You have six release tokens for the project. We will likely be having secret tests in some future projects, as was originally intended for this project.

October 10

Dr. Pop's office hours this Thursday (10-13) will be cancelled, as he will be out of town.

October 9

The course office hours tomorrow (Monday, October 10) will end an hour early, at 5:30 rather than the usual 6:30 Monday end time. This is in order that the course staff can grade the midterms. If you want to come to office hours on Monday be sure to come well in advance of 5:30, since the TAs will need to leave then.

September 28

Larry Herman's office hours will be cancelled Thursday and Friday this week, and he will not be reading email. If you have a question during this time you may want to ask during the TAs' office hours; otherwise wait to talk to him next Monday.

September 20

The TAs' office hours schedule has been changed slightly on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. The hours listed below, and the office hours handout, have been corrected. If you had printed or copied the office hours handout previously, be sure to replace it with the current version, to avoid coming to office hours at at time when there won't be a TA there.

September 13

The course office hours are posted under "Information and documentation" (and are also listed at the bottom of this page).

September 12

The office hours for Tuesday are as follows. (The permanent office hours schedule will be posted on the webpage shortly.) 9:30-10:30 Ethar, 10-12 Rahmatri, 12-2 Philip, 3-5 Hua, 4-5:30 Shawn.

September 8
  • The permanent schedule of the TAs' office hours isn't finished yet but here are some office hours to get started with, in case you have questions about anything so far. The permanent schedule should be available soon. All of the TAs' office hours are in AVW 1112. (AVW is next to the CSI building where the lectures and discussion sections are.)

    Thursday (9/8) 12-1 Philip, 5-6 Leo
    Friday (9/9) 11-12 Angjoo, 1-2 Hua, 2-3 Ethar, 3-4 Joe
    Monday (9/12) 10-11 Snigdha, 1-2 Rahmatri, 3-4 Fan, 4-5 Sana, 5-6 Shawn
  • The course syllabus is posted under Information and documentation. Note: Dr. Pop's office hours will not begin until September 26.

August 30

Welcome to the CMSC 131/131H webpage!

  • There will be discussion sections, in addition to lecture, on the first day of classes (Wednesday, August 31), so be sure to go to both!

  • Make sure you always have a correct and working email address entered in the University's records on Testudo. Check and change it here if necessary.

  • If you don't have one already, apply for a TerpConnect account at It will be used to access programming work for this course (your CVS repository), to be explained in class.

Who What Where When
Dr. David Jacobs instructor, 010X sections AVW 4421, 405-0432 Mon. 1-2, Wed. 11-12
Larry Herman instructor, 020X, 030X, 040X sections AVW 1111, 405-2762 Mon. 12-1, Thu. 1-3, Fri. 12:45-1:45
Dr. Mihai Pop instructor, 0101H (honors) section AVW 3223, 405-7395 Mon. 1:30-2:30, Thu. 1-2 beginning September 26
Angjoo Kanazawa teaching TA, 0101 & 0103 AVW 1112 M 1-3, W 1:30-3:30
Snigdha Chaturvedi teaching TA, 0102 & 0202 AVW 1112 M 11-1, W 10-12
Ethar Elsaka teaching TA, 0201 & 0101H (honors section) AVW 1112 Tu 10-11, W & Th 1-2
Leo Li teaching TA, 0203, and grading AVW 1112 W 12-1, Th 5-6, F 2-4
Philip Dasler teaching TA, 0403 & 0302 AVW 1112 Tu 12-2, W 3:30-4:30, Th 11-12
Sana Malik teaching TA, 0301 & 0402 AVW 1112 M 4:30-5:30, W 3:30-5, Th 11:30-1
Shawn Zha teaching TA, 0303 & 0401 AVW 1112 M 3-4:30, Tu 4-5:30, Th 5-6,
Hua He grading TA AVW 1112 Tu 3-5, F 12-2
Rahmatri Mardiko grading TA AVW 1112 Tu 11-12, Th 10-11
Joe Ng grading TA AVW 1112 M 4:30-6:30, F 10-12
Fan Yang grading TA AVW 1112 M 9:30-11:30, F 4-6