CMSC 714:
  High Performance Computing

CMSC 714




No Primary Text

  • None - Reading List will provide materials

Tentative Grading Plan

Your grade will be determined as follows:



% total

Programming assignments



Group project 1 40



Class participation





  • The midterm exam will cover all material up to the midterm.

Programming projects

  • The first two projects, in C and/or Fortran, will use MPI and OpenMP to become familiar with parallel/distributed programming on a Linux cluster and an SMP.  Accounts will be forthcoming.

  • After the first 2 projects, you will do a group project, in C, C++ (or Fortran or Java), with milestones along the way.
    This project will be done in teams of 3 or 4 people.

  • The projects should be submitted by 6:00PM on the day they are due. Late projects will be not be accepted.
  • The instructor reserves the right to fail, regardless of overall numeric score, students who do not submit on-time a good faith attempt to complete all programming assignments and projects.
  • All submissions of assignments will be via email to me. Posted deadlines for program submission are sharp; standard Unix time of submission is used.

Intellectual Integrity, Academic Honesty, and Cheating

  • The college policy on academic dishonesty is strictly followed.
    All graded materials (whether exams or programming assignments) must be strictly individual efforts.
  • We expect you to follow all UMIACS and UMD guidelines for responsible machine usage.
  • Dr. Sussman is the information owner for all Linux cluster and SMP accounts in this class, and all files in those accounts may be inspected by him at any time.
  • Allowing another student not in your group to examine a listing of your program or examining the listing of another student's program (not in your group), for any reason, is strictly forbidden.
  • Logging onto another student's account, for any reason, is cheating.
  • Attempting to falsely represent the correctness of your program, or to delay other members of the class from completing a programming assignment, is cheating.
  • The standard penalty for any cheating is to receive a grade of XF in the course. This grade denotes failure due to academic dishonesty, and your transcript will be so annotated.

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