Late Submission Policy: You can have a total of 10 late days across all projects with no penalties, with no more than 4 used for any one project (so I can discuss solutions in time). You can choose to use them as you wish, but you need to record how many days you have used up using this Google form: Recording late days (you don't need to do anything if not late). We will verify the information submitted here towards the end of the semester and if more than 10 days have been used up, then the corresponding late submissions will not be counted. It is your responsibility to keep track of this.

Project 1 (Due Friday, September 18, 11:59pm)

SQL. See Project 1 on Course GitHub Repository.

Project 2 (Due Friday, October 2, 11:59pm)

Ruby on Rails.

Project 3 (Due Friday, October 16, 11:59pm)

Advanced SQL.

Project 4 (Due Friday, October 30, 11:59pm)

Writing a query processing operator for a toy RDBMS written on top of Cassandra.

Project 5 (Due Friday, November 20, 11:59pm)

Apache Spark.

Project 6 (Due Friday, December 4, 11:59pm)

Transactions on top of a toy RDBMS written on top of Cassandra.

Web Accessibility