Hall-Janko Graph

Homeworks and Handouts

Homework assignments are due at the start of class of the due date. Late homeworks will not normally be accepted (so turn in whatever you have done). If you think that you have a legitimate excuse for handing in a homework late, contact me before the due date.

I typeset the homeworks using latex and ipe (for the figures). These are among the best systems for typesetting scientific papers. If you are interested in experimenting with them, I will to put copies of my latex source for the homeworks (slightly simplified) along with the ipe source files here. (If I forget to post them here, please send me a reminder.)

Handout Handed out Due Solutions Source
Short Reference Guide Tue, Aug 29 N/A    
Homework 1: DFS and Shortest Paths
 Updated Friday, Sep 15
Thu, Sep 14 Fri, Sep 22, 11:59pm Solutions to HW 1
 Updated, Sunday 10/22
Homework 2: Greedy Algorithms Thu, Sep 28 Fri, Oct 6, 11:59pm Solutions to HW 2 HW2.zip
Homework 3: Dynamic Programming
 Updated Sunday 10/15
Fri, Oct 13 Mon, Oct 23, 11:59pm Solutions to HW 3 HW3.zip
Practice Problems for the Midterm
 Updated Saturday 10/21
Thu, Oct 19 Exam date:
Thu, Oct 26
 Updated Monday 10/23
Homework 4: Network Flow and Applications
 Updated Sunday 11/12
Thu, Nov 9 Mon, Nov 20, 11:59pm Solutions to HW 4 HW4.zip
Homework 5: NP-Completeness Thu, Nov 30 Mon, Dec 11, 11:59pm Solutions to HW 5 HW5.zip
Practice Problems for the Final Wed, Dec 13 Exam date:
Tue, Dec 19

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