CMSC 725: Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Databases (Fall 2017)

Contact Information

Instructor:    Prof. Hanan Samet   <hjs{at}>
AVW, Room 4425

Teaching Assistant:    Hong Wei   <hyw{at}>
AVW, Room 4431

Course Information

Class Time: Tue-Thu 12:30pm - 01:45pm
Location: CSIC 3118
Instructor's Office Hours:   Tue 10:00am - 11:00am at AVW 4425
TA's Office Hours: Thu 4:00pm - 5:00pm at AVW 4431


Information on the availability of the textbooks for the class
  1. The lecture notes, titled "GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS (GIS): A TECHNICAL APPROACH" are available on the secure page. If you want a printed version, one can be obtained at the Engineering Copy Center.

  2. H. Samet. "Foundations of Multidimensional and Metric Data Structures", Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, CA, 2006.

  3. H. Samet. "Applications of Spatial Data Structures: Computer Graphics, Image Processing, and GIS". Addison Wesley, Reading, MA, 1990. This book is out of print, but a spiral-bound version of the most recent version is available for sale at the University Book Center.


Monday, 12/18/2017, 1:30PM - 3:30PM, CSI 3118

Homework & Projects

Project Topics


Spatial Data Structure Applets
Lecture Slides (class password required)
Course Outline


Searching Slides from CMSC 420


All graded materials (examinations and programming assignments and homework) must be strictly individual efforts. Cooperation on homework programming assignments is limited to general discussion of the problem (not its solution), and assistance with errors. Additional cooperation is considered academic dishonesty. Transmitting a copy of a solution (in either hardcopy or electronic form), falsely representing the correctness of a program or homework, or delaying other members of the class from completing a programming assignment are considered forms of academic dishonesty.

The instructor is not under obligation to offer a substitute assignment or to give a student a make-up assessment for missing a Major Scheduled Grading Events unless the failure to perform was due to an excused absence. A valid excused absence will need to be granted through the student presenting documentation from the Health Center or from an outside health care professional. This documentation must be submitted within one week of returning to classes and must include dates of incapacitation as well as the name and phone number of the health care provider. No diagnostic information shall be given. Once the period of incapacitation is over, the student must meet the missed academic responsibilities at according to the requirements and specifications set forth by the instructor. The Major Scheduled Grading Events for this course include:
  1. Final Exam: Monday, 12/18, 1:30PM -- 3:30PM, CSI 2118
Any student eligible for and requesting reasonable academic accommodations due to a disability is requested to provide, to the instructor in office hours, a letter of accommodation from the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) within the first two weeks of the semester.

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