Group Projects - CMSC714: High Performance Computing


Sample group project topics

From Spring 2017

Parallel Genetic Algorithms for Inverse Boggle Solving

Parallel Implementation of Sequential Minimal Optimization (SMO) Algorithm and Model Selection for Support Vector Machines

Parallel Landsat Data Processing

A Parallel Hybrid Framework for Graph Processing

Patch Matching for Image Segmentation

Parallel Graph-based Semi-supervised Learning

Load Balancing in Distributed Computing

Auto-tuning for scalable parallel 3-D FFT

From Spring 2015

Parallel implementation of Machine Learning algorithms using Spark/Hadoop

CPU-GPU Dynamic Approximation for Parallel Applications

Algebraic Multigrid with OpenMP, OpenACC and MPI

Developing Parallel Algorithms for Creating and Solving Sudoku Puzzle

Distributed Learning for Deep Neural Networks

Machine Learning Algorithms in Spark

Other suggestions

Application performance studies across one or more parallel machines - e.g. satellite data processing, parallel search, computer vision algorithms, bioinformatics

Application performance studies on GPUs (1 or more machines)

Reproduce results from a paper, extend to current systems
E.g., CPU vs. GPU paper (pick a small number of application kernels)

Debunking paper

Or one of your own design