CMSC 838b: Information Visualization
Class Presentations

Note: Presentations are MS-PowerPoint files.
Date Papers Covered Presenters Notes
February 7, 2001 B. Shneiderman Erica Kolatch Dynamic Queries (Presentation)
February 7, 2001 C. Plaisant et al. Kartik Parija Lifelines (Presentation)
February 14, 2001 B. Johnson Steve Betten TreeMaps (Presentation)
February 14, 2001 M. Baker Jaime Spacco SeeSys (Presentation)
February 21, 2001 J. Lamping Lida Tang Hyperbolic Browser(Presentation)
February 21, 2001 R. Rao Matthias Mayer Table Lens(Presentation)
March 7, 2001 A. Leung Group discussion No presentation
March 7, 2001 B. Bederson Jinwook Seo Pad++(Presentation)
March 14, 2001 J. Bertin Group discussion No presentation
March 14, 2001 J. Mackinlay Beth Weinstein APT(Presentation)
March 28, 2001 S. Chuah Hua Guo (Presentation)
March 28, 2001 L. Tweedie Group discussion No Presentation
April 4, 2001 G. Salton Bongshin Lee TextIn3D(Presentation)
April 11, 2001 R. Becker Yoo Ah Kim Visualizing Network Data(presentation)
April 11, 2001 A. Inselberg Zhijian Pan MDMV Visualization
April 25, 2001 K. Andrews MINHO SHIN Visualizing Cyberspace
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