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CMSC 724 Reading List

Sudarshan S. Chawathe

Spring 2003

This document will change, so please check it often.


This schedule is approximate and we may need to move topics around based on how fast we can cover material, feedback from the class, etc. It is almost guaranteed that we will not follow it exactly. Do not plan major events (trips, weddings, proving P=NP, etc.) based on this schedule. If you need to verify whether some date is OK, check with me.

# Date Material due (numbers refer to the sections below)
01 31 Jan Introduction, 2.1
02 07 Feb 2.2
03 14 Feb 2.3
04 21 Feb 2.4
05 28 Feb 2.5
06 07 Mar 2.5 (continued) and review
07 14 Mar 5:00pm Take-home midterm assigned.
- 20 May 8:00am Deadline for submitting take-home midterm.
08 21 Mar midterm discussion
- 28 Mar Spring Break (no class)
09 04 Apr 2.6
10 11 Apr 2.9
11 18 Apr Project Discussions
12 25 Apr 2.8
13 02 May 2.8 (continued)
14 09 May Project Presentations
- 16 May 5:00pm Take-home final assigned.
- 20 May 8:00am Deadline for submitting take-home final.


The following sections should be updated with details and summaries of the class discussions as we proceed. You should be able to find most of these papers very easily on the Web. (For more details, see Section 3.) You should read the material indicated below before the class meeting at which it is due so that you can actively participate in the discussion. You should read the papers critically, noting, for example, the advantages and limitations of the proposed methods. You should be prepared to both ask and answer questions intelligently. The class participation portion of your grade depends on such interactions. More importantly, if you do not do the readings before class, you will not benefit from the classroom discussions (which will assume you have read the material carefully).

Conjunctive and First-Order Queries

Standard query processing techniques.

XML Query Languages

Datalog, Recursion, and Negation

Data storage and indexing

Describing Semistructured Data

Expressiveness and Complexity of Query Languages

Data Integration

Streaming Data


The ACM Digital Library: Requires a subscription, but UMD has a site-wide subscription that gives access from all local machines.

The DBLP Bibiliography Server has extremely good coverage of the Database and Logic Programming fields.


VLDB Foundation.


IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin

Maryland Database Group with pointers to other relevant DB resources.

Modern Information Retrieval [BYRN99]. Use this book for an overview of Information Retrieval. The huge list of references is a big plus.

Readings in Database Systems [SH98]. This collection of papers is typically covered in CMSC 624 and similar courses. It includes many famous papers, such as ``the System R paper,'' ``the ARIES paper,'' and Gray et al.'s locking paper.

Principles of Distributed Database Systems [OV99]. Look here for distributed query optimization, distributed transaction processing, etc.


Serge Abiteboul, Peter Buneman, and Dan Suciu.
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Morgan Kaufmann, first edition, October 1999.

Serge Abiteboul, Richard Hull, and Victor Vianu.
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Alon Y. Halevy.
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J. McHugh, S. Abiteboul, R. Goldman, D. Quass, and J. Widom.
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Feng Peng and Sudarshan S. Chawathe.
XPath queries on streaming data.
In Proceedings of the ACM SIGMOD International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD), San Diego, California, June 2003.
To appear. Available at | chaw/|.

P. G. Selinger, M. M. Astrahan, D. D. Chamberlin, R. A. Lorie, and T. G. Price.
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Jeffrey D. Ullman.
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In Proceedings of the International Conference on Database Theory, 1997.

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CMSC 724 Reading List

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