CMSC 132 - Object-Oriented Programming II

Spring 2005

Course Coordinators

Instructor Fawzi Emad
Office AVW 1127
Class Hours

Mon-Wed-Fri, 12:00pm - 12:50pm
Sections 02*

Mon-Wed-Fri, 1:00pm - 1:50pm
Sections 03*

CSI 3117

Office Hours M 2-4, F 4-5, other times by appointment

Instructor Chau-Wen Tseng
Office AVW 4135
Class Hours

Mon-Wed-Fri 10:00pm - 10:50pm
Sections 01*

CSI 1121

Office Hours MWF 11-noon

Teaching Assistants

All TA office hours take place in AVW 1112.

NameEmailOffice Hours
John Arras Tu & Th 11-1pm
Mike Kobyakov Mon 2-6pm
Julian Mestre Wed 2-4pm, Fri 12-2pm
Kenneth Weiss Tu & Th 10-11 and 1-2
Arkady Yerukhimovich Wed 10-2pm

Office Hour Schedule

All TA office hours take place in AVW 1112. Note that a TA may need to leave 5-10 minutes before the end of their scheduled time period in order to go to his/her next class. Please be understanding of their schedules.

10:00 Kenny Arkady Kenny
11:00 John Arkady John
12:00 John Arkady John Julian
01:00 Kenny Arkady Kenny Julian
02:00 Mike Julian
03:00 Mike Julian
04:00 Mike
05:00 Mike