CMSC 131 -- Object Oriented Programming I

Spring 2006

Fear the Turtle!



To submit a project, go to the "Java" perspective, be sure that the project is open. Then right click on the project folder (e.g., p1) and select "Submit Project" from the pull-down menu. You may submit many times (we grade only the last submission). You can check the status of your submissions by visiting the Submit Server Home Page and entering your University Directory ID and password.

Try your best to use the Eclipse/CVS submit option for your project submissions. If you are having problems with this, please contact us. Use the submit server only as a last resort for submitting your program. (The reason is that it is much harder for us to process submissions made through submit server, and we have seen many improperly formatted submissions.) If you find it necessary to use the submit server, please see the following page for information on jar creation for submission.

Important: Your grade for each project will be based on the greater value of two scores: (1) The score on the very last submission prior to the deadline; (2) The score minus 20% on the very last submission prior to the late deadline (24 hours late).

Assignment Due Date
On the Money 2/14/06, 11:00PM
Letter Maker 2/23/06, 11:00PM
Photo Lab 3/5/06, 11:00PM
Writing Classes 3/14/06, 11:00PM
Jumble Puzzle 4/2/06, 11:00PM
Company Database 4/15/06, 11:00PM
Fish Club! 4/28/06, 11:00PM
Shape Decorator 5/10/06, 11:00PM