CMSC 427: Computer Graphics

Spring 2006

C++ OpenGL Sample Program

If you work in C or C++ there are a number of different platforms/languages on which you can do your development. Here are some options.

This directory contains a small sample OpenGL program along with a number of Makefiles for various systems. The entire bundle can be downloaded through the following link.


It can be opened using Winzip (on Windows) or gunzip and tar (on Unix). The sections below describe the directory's contents.

C/C++ Section:

The C/C++ section contains the following files.

Java Section:

We have experimented with OpenGL in Java (through JOGL and AWT). However, the JOGL API has changed since last semester, and our sample program no longer compiles. If you are interested in trying JOGL, please let me know. I can point you towards the relevant web page for downloading the latest version.

Please report any errors or send comments to Dave Mount

Last updated: Sun, Jan 29, 2006.