CMSC 711 Computer Networks

Spring 2007

Instructor Neil Spring
email nspring at cs
Office 4133 A. V. Williams
Office Hours by appointment or drop by
Classroom CSIC 2107
Meets TTh 3:30-4:45
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TA Cristian Lumezanu
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Research projects in 711 are supported by Emulab and PlanetLab network testbeds.
thanks emulab!


Jan 30 The Task of the Referee
  Alan Jay Smith
how to review
How (and How Not) to Write a Good Systems Paper
  Roy Levin, David D. Redell
how to write
Strategies for Sound Internet Measurement
  Vern Paxson
how to measure

Feb 6 The Design Philosophy of DARPA Internet Protocols
  David D. Clark
internet design

Feb 8 PlanetLab:A Blueprint for Introducing Disruptive Technology into the Internet
  Larry Peterson, Tom Anderson, David Culler, Timothy Roscoe

Feb 15 Tussle in Cyberspace: Defining Tomorrow's Internet
  David D. Clark, John Wroclawski, Karen R. Sollins, Robert Braden
internet tussles
Learning from PlanetLab
  Thomas Anderson, Timothy Roscoe
planetlab lessons

Feb 20 The Click Modular Router
  Eddie Kohler, Robert Morris, Benjie Chen, John Jannotti, M. Frans Kaashoek

Mar 1 Resilient Overlay Networks
  David Andersen, Hari Balakrishnan, Frans Kaashoek, Robert Morris

Mar 8 A Technical Approach to Net Neutrality
  Xiaowei Yang, Gene Tsudik, Xin Liu
net neutrality

Mar 13 The Revised ARPANET Routing Metric
  Atul Khanna, John Zinky
routing metric
On inferring autonomous system relationships in the Internet
  Lixin Gao
AS relationships

Mar 27 Network Support for IP Traceback
  Stefan Savage, David Wetherall, Anna Karlin, Tom Anderson
IP traceback
Congestion Control for High Bandwidth-Delay Product Networks
  Dina Katabi, Mark Handley, Charlie Rohrs

Mar 29 On the Characteristics and Origins of Internet Flow Rates
  Yin Zhang, Lee Breslau, Vern Paxson, Scott Shenker
  Ryan and Machon
internet flow rates [slides]

Apr 3` NIRA: A New Internet Routing Architecture
  Xiaowei Yang
  Nick and Brad
nira [slides]

Apr 3 Estimation and Removal of Clock Skew from Network Delay Measurements
  Sue B. Moon, Paul Skelly, Don Towsley
  Elvita and Neha
clock skew [slides]

Apr 5 Loose Source Routing as a Mechanism for Traffic Policies
  Katerina Argyraki, David R. Cheriton
wrap [slides]
supplementary reading:
TRIAD: A New Next-Generation Internet Architecture
  David R. Cheriton, Mark Gritter
  Rob, Thuan, and Shomir

Apr 10 Micropayments Revisited
  Silvio Micali, Ronald L. Rivest
  Charles and Michael
micropayments [slides]

Apr 12 Root cause analysis for long-lived TCP connections
  M. Siekkinen, G. Urvoy-Keller, E.W. Biersack, T. En-Najjary
  Justin, Mike, and Todd
t-rat 2

Apr 17 Predicting Internet Network Distance with Coordinates-Based Approaches
  T.S. Eugene Ng, Hui Zhang
Vivaldi: A Decentralized Network Coordinate System
  Frank Dabek, Russ Cox, Frans Kaashoek, Robert Morris

Apr 19 A System for Authenticated Policy-Compliant Routing
  Barath Raghavan, Alex C. Snoeren
  Fatih and Song
platypus [slides]

Apr 19 Towards a Logic for Wide-Area Internet Routing
  Nick Feamster, Hari Balakrishnan
  Kunal and Pragya
routing logic [slides]

Apr 24 A Peer-to-Peer Approach to Wireless LAN Roaming
  Elias C. Efstathiou, George C. Polyzos
  Yee Lin and Adam
wmash [slides]

Apr 26 Project Report Exercise I

May 1 Project Report Exercise II

May 3 Congestion Control for High Bandwidth-Delay Product Networks
  Dina Katabi, Mark Handley, Charlie Rohrs
  Neil (I mean it this time)

May 8 Clock Synchronization in Peer-to-Peer Networks
  Neha Gupta, Elvita Lobo
clock sync
Policy-Based Loose Source Routing
  Kunal Jain, Pragya Jain, Fatih Kaya, Sukhyun Song
src routing
ROB: Loose Source Routing via Overlays for Boycotting Networks
  Thuan Huynh, Nick Kuilema, Rob Patro, Bradley Skaggs, Shomir Wilson

May 10 Site Sponsored Internet Access
  Adam Phillippy, Charles Song, Yee Lin Tan, Michael Wasser
net access
Real Time Network Analysis for Application Performance Debugging
  Ryan Blue, Todd Finkler, Machon Gregory, Michael Martin, Justin McCann
rt net analysis

May 11 Project writeup due; Final distributed

May 18 Final due at 12:30 PM. (not midnight)