This project will ensure that you have installed the course tools correctly, that you can "check out" a project, work on the project, and then submit the project. You will also learn how to see the results of your submission on our "submit server".


There is just one release tests which will be run on your project. If you pass this test, you will receive a grade of 100% on the project (and if you don't pass this test, your grade will be 0.)


Any clarifications or corrections associated with this project will be available at: Clarifications

Code Distribution

The project's code distribution is available by checking out the project named HelloWorld. The code distribution provides you with the following:


To work on a class project, the first thing you must do is to "check out" the project from your CVS repository. This was demonstrated in class, and is also described in the Eclipse Tutorial.The basic steps are:

  1. Start Eclipse and go into the CVS perspective. Create a CVS connection to your account as described in CVS Repository Account
  2. Open the connection by clicking on the little triangle next to it, then click the triangle next to the entry that says "Head" - this should reveal the files that are currently on your CVS repository.
  3. Right-click the project called "HelloWorld" and choose "check out".
  4. Go back to the Java perspective.

Once you are back in the Java perspective, you should see the project folder on the left, and you should be able to begin working on the project:

  1. Open the Project by clicking the triangle next to it. Click the triangle next to the "default package" folder. Now open the file called "HelloWorld.java" by double-clicking it. This should open up the source-code in the editor on the right portion of the screen.
  2. Edit the file so that it will work correctly. (It should print "Hello World!" instead of what you see inside the quotes!) Don't forget to save yourwork.

If you write the project from scratch, without checking out the "HelloWorld" files from your CVS repository, you will not be able to submit your work.