Syllabus Update

Dear students:

As you might be already aware of (News) all undergraduate courses in spring 2020 will be graded pass/fail, unless the student elects to receive an earned grade for the course. We will continue teaching the class as we usually do, of course, taking into consideration the fact the class is online. The projects will be the same as a non-online course, and we will try to provide quizzes/exams similar to what you will have in a non-online course, so you are prepared for the next class (cmsc132). It is in your best interest to do the best you can in cmsc131 so you are successful in cmsc132. The tentative plan moving forward (which you already received) can be found at the end.


Pedram / Nelson

Tentative Plan Moving Forward to Address Coronavirus Situation

  1. We will post lecture videos on lecture days (you can watch them anytime).
  2. For labs, TAs will hold a video conference using Zoom at the usual lab time. A piazza folder (labs) will be used to provide information and ask questions about labs.
  3. For office hours we will use Quuly as usual. A TA can provide assistance via e-mail and/or using Zoom. TAs have submit server access so they can also look at your code if needed.
  4. Instructors' office hours will be by appointment. The day before usual instructor's office hours, those interested in discussing anything with an instructor will e-mail the instructor to set an appointment. Office hours will resume on March 30.
  5. Regarding quizzes and exams: the tentative plan is for them to be take-home assignments (open book, open notes), with limited time for submission (e.g.,once posted you have 1 hour to submit your answers).
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