Office Hours

Instructor Office Hours

Name Location Schedule
Ilchul Yoon IRB 1248 Monday 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Wednesday 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
A. Udaya Shankar IRB 5150 TuTh 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM. If you want to see me later than 2:30, just ask (Piazza).

TA Office Hour Schedule (Open space next to IRB 2136)

Start Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00 AM Stephen Dazhi, Priyanka Stephen, Eric Fatima Michael Li, Dunbang Michael Li
10:00 AM Nam, Stephen Fatima, Priyanka, Dunbang (10:30-) Nam, Eric Fatima Dunbang, Pooja Michael Li
11:00 AM Justin, Brendan Zachary, Stephen, Dunbang Austin, Justin Zachary, Stephen Dunbang, Pooja, Christian
12:00 PM Zachary, Brendan Zachary, James, Michael Shultz Austin, Zachary, Abhishek Zachary, Michael Shultz Dunbang, Michael Li
1:00 PM Nam, Stephen James, Jasraj, Michael Shultz Austin, Nam Jasraj, Asher, Christian Fatima, Hong, Marc
2:00 PM Shawdi, Jizhen, Dazhi, Eric Shawdi, Jizhen Gordon, Brendan, Abhishek Dazhi, Fatima, Hong, Marc
3:00 PM Eric, Zeping Austin (3:30 - 4:30) Michael Li, Riley Hong, Brendan, Abhishek Dazhi, Hong, Abhishek
4:00 PM Akilesh, Sharmila, Manas Michael Shultz Sharmila, Riley Hong, Abhishek Hong, Zeping, Abhishek
5:00 PM Manas, Riley Akilesh, Manas Manas, Riley Gordon, Hong Michael Li, Abhishek
6:00 PM Manas Manas Manas

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