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CMSC 838E:   Advanced Compilers

CMSC 838E: Advanced Compilers

Spring, 2021

Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday, 2:00pm Eastern - 3:15pm Eastern, Online

Professor: David Van Horn

CMSC 838E is a graduate-level advanced compilers course. Its major goal is to design and build a complete modern programming language implementation, including advanced research-level features.

Communications: Discord

Assumptions: As a graduate-level course, the major assumption is that you are self-directed and motivated to pursue your own educational goals and that you can collaborate with others. Coming in to this course, you should know how to program in a functional programming language like OCaml and have some familiarity with programming in C and Assembly. See the Texts page for references to brush up on this material. The course is built upon the foundation of CMSC 430, but it’s not assumed you’ve taken the course; only that you can work through the material quickly.

Disclaimer: All information on this web page is tentative and subject to change. Any substantive change will be accompanied with an announcement to the class.