Summer Camp 2016

3-year summer camp - The first year is called the "Yellow Group", the second year is called the "Red Group", and the third year is called the "Terp Group".  Each year has content that builds on the previous, and all years cover many topics within comptuing including programming, number bases, cryptology, cybersecurity and cybersafety, computer usage skills, networking concepts, and creativity.

Computing Is Everywhere!

The Maryland Center for Women in Computing at the University of Maryland College Park is pleased to offer a summer day camp to encourage children to try fields of computer science.  See how computing Connects to everything else they are interested in & Connect to others also interested in computing.

CompSciConnect is a 3-year summer camp (Yellow, Red and Terp) – most start immediately after finishing 6th grade in the Yellow Group (but we will accept rising 6th graders with experience or rising 8th graders to the Yellow Group).   But rising 8th graders can also apply to fill in as needed for attrition in the Red Group if they have previous experience.  Each summer they learn more advanced skills and also meet once a month through the school year to maintain those skills. Through the three years, students do block programming with scratch and Lego robots [Yellow], web programming with HTML, CSS and Javascript [Red], and Python & Unity 3D programming [Terp], along with cybersecurity/safety, cryptology, number bases, logic and computer usage skills.   Through the three years we emphasize how these connect both to other areas of study and to making the world a better place. For more information, visit or see their demonstrations at Maryland Day (April 30).


  • By 2020 there will be 1.4 million jobs open in computing.
  • Computing touches every field from biology to education to business.
  • Getting an early start on computing skills will help you in the future.
  • Computing can change our world for the better.
  • It's fun!


  • The first year (yellow) is for students who are just finishing 6th grade (will allow those who are just finishing 5th grade if they have computing experience or are advanced in math/science)  There are also a limited number of positions are available for older children with experience to joing the older cohorts (red and terp).
  • Designed as a three year program where each cohort returns the following summer to learn more advanced skills - also we meet once a month through the school year to maintain those skils.  In the fall, the children prepare for a December Showcase to share what they learned with parents and sponsors, and in the spring, the children present at Maryland Day for the larger community.
  • There is a charge of $200 for the two weeks of the summer camp - no additional charge for the meetings during the school year.
  • Financial Assistance is available for those with displayed need.
  • See us : Students present their results at Maryland Day - April 30, 2016.



Prospective Campers


$200 for the whole year

$100 for before and after care if required

Camp meetings:

Terp and one Red Group: June 27 - July 8 (no meeting July 4)

Yellow and the other Red Group: August 1 - 12

Both Sessions run 9:00am - 3:30pm (with before care 8:00-9:00 and after care 3:30-5:00)

For best consideration, apply before:

March 28, 2016.