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We intend this page to be a central repository for information concerning different replications of the experiment. By collecting this information in one place, we hope that researchers can benefit by not only drawing conclusions about the effectiveness of PBR in multiple environments, but also by learning how an experiment must be tailored to different environments as well.

Since data cannot be interpreted out of context, each replication listed here contains details on the experimental context as well as a summary of its results. What context information needs to be specified remains an open question. However, we note that this lab package allows the experiment to be tailored in two major ways:

  1. The "usual" reading technique: The reading technique against which PBR is compared may change between one environment and the next, depending on the training and experience of the experimental subjects. The introduction of this lab package contains some ideas which may be helpful in describing the comparison technique.

  2. The domain-specific documents: While it is not necessary that these be described in detail, some idea of the size and complexity of the documents may help explain experimental results.
Other changes may be introduced by experimenters, but should be documented. For example, while we provide three PBR perspectives with this lab package, others may be developed and tested in other environments.

Finally, other factors may vary between environments and significantly impact the results, for example, the experience of the subjects. These factors must be addressed as well.

The replications of this experiment are listed below:

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