Lab Package for the Empirical Investigation of Perspective-Based Reading

Victor Basili - Scott Green - Oliver Laitenberger - Filippo Lanubile - Forrest Shull - Sivert Sørumgård - Marvin Zelkowitz

We consider reading techniques to be a fundamental means of achieving high quality software. Reading is a key technical activity for verifying and validating software work products since it can be performed on all documents associated with the software process and can be applied as soon as these documents are written. Effective reading techniques form the basis for inspection methods, which are considered most effective in removing defects during development. However, there has been little research emphasis on developing reading techniques.

This lab package describes an experiment that has been designed to compare such reading techniques. In particular, we have proposed a technique called ``perspective-based reading'', which we compare against existing techniques in terms of defect detection rates. We present our experiences from previous runs of this experiment, as well as our experimental design and materials, in order that we may serve as a source of information for other researchers to replicate the experiment in different environments.

Overview of Contents

What's New:
A list of any recent additions to this lab package.

Introduction to the Experiment:
This text should provide you the overview necessary to understand the background and context of the experiment. The Perspective-Based Reading technique is also explained here.

Experimental Design:
This section describes the design of the experiment.

We provide here some details on the statistical tests which we used in analyzing our data. Copies of the programs we have written to analyze our own data is provided as a model which can be adapted for the needs of other experimenters.

Experimental Materials:
This section contains the various materials necessary for running the experiment. All of them can be downloaded in postscript format. Most can be used as is, though a few may have to be altered if used in a replication of the experiment - these are provided as examples only.

Experiences and Change History:
This section contains a list of replications of this experiment and the experiences that have been gained from them. A history of the changes made from replication to replication is also included.

We provide a list of references here in addition to those listed at the end of the experience paper.

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