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All of our experimental materials can be downloaded from this page in postscript format.

The following links lead to a suggested schedule for each day of the experiment. Each schedule lists the packets of experimental materials that will be necessary for each activity (presentation, training, or review) in the experiment. The required materials can be downloaded directly from these pages.

There is also an compressed version available (150K) which contains these materials in gzipped tar format. This file includes postscript files for: all of the forms, the documents and defect lists, and copies of the slides we used during presentations and to present examples.

Alternately, the materials can be downloaded individually from the list below, along with additional resources for the experimenter.

Resources for the Experimenter

Summary paper:
This important part of the package reports the history, design and analysis strategies used in the experiment. (This paper is a technical report of the International Software Engineering Research Network, ISERN-96-06.)

Defect list:
This is a list of the defects seeded in the generic documents.

Materials Used in the Course of the Experiment

These are the actual generic documents used in the experiment - two used for test purposes ( ATM and PG) and one for training purposes ( ABC Video).

We used a number of forms for collecting data during the experiment.
  1. List of participants
  2. E0: Consent form (to be signed by each participant)
  3. E1: Reviewer Background Questionaire
  4. E2: Defect Classification Scheme
  5. E3: Review Summary for usual technique reviewers
  6. E4: Review Summary for PBR-technique reviewers
  7. E5: Defect Report Form
  8. E6D: Reading Scenario for Designer Perspective
  9. E6T: Reading Scenario for Tester Perspective
  10. E6U: Reading Scenario for User Perspective
  11. E7: Feedback Questionaire

We were presenting examples in the training sessions, these examples include forms and defect samples.

We used different sets of slides during the training:

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