Recent Publications

HERMES: Heterogeneous Reasoning and Mediator System , V.S. Subrahmanian, Sibel Adali, Anne Brink, Ross Emery, J.ames J. Lu, Adil Rajput, Timothy J. Rogers, Robert Ross, Charles Ward

Efficient Maintenance of Materialized Mediated Views, James J. Lu, Guido Moerkotte, Joachime Schue and V.S. Subrahmanian.

Advanced Video Information System: Data Structures and Query Processing, Sibel Adali, K.S. Candan, Su-Shing Chen, Kutluhan Erol, V.S. Subrahmanian.

A Unified Treatment of Null Values Using Constraints, K.S. Candan, J. Grant, V.S. Subrahmanian.

A Uniform Framework For Integrating Knowledge In Heterogeneous Knowledge Systems, Sibel Adali, Ross Emery.

Amalgamating Knowledge Bases , V.S. Subrahmanian.

Amalgamating Knowledge Bases, II: Distributed Mediators, Sibel Adali, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Amalgamating Knowledge Bases, III: Algorithms, Data Structures, and Query Processing, Sibel Adali, V.S. Subrahmanian.

An Algebra and Calculus for Multidatabases with Integrity Constraints , K.S. Candan, V.S. Subrahmanian.

An Event-Based Model for Continuous Media Data on Heterogeneous Disk Servers K.S. Candan, E. Hwang, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Collaborative Multimedia Documents: Authoring and Presentation K.S. Candan, B. Prabhakaran, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Collaborative Multimedia Systems: Synthesis of Media Objects K.S. Candan, V. Rangan, V.S. Subrahmanian.
Completeness Issues in RUE-Resolution: The Undecidability of Viability , James J. Lu, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Computing Annotated Logic Programs , James J. Lu, S.M. Leach.

Foundations of Multimedia Information Systems , S. Marcus, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Hybrid Knowledge Bases , James J. Lu, A.Nerode, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Intelligent Caching in Hybrid Knowledge Bases , Sibel Adali, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Interpreting Disjunctive Logic Programs Based on a Strong Sense of Disjunction , James J. Lu, M.D. Barback, L.J. Henschen.

Maintaining Views Incrementally , Ashish Gupta, Inderpal S. Mumick, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Mulitmedia Authoring Systems K.S. Candan, Ross Cutler.

Multimedia Database Systems , S. Marcus, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Query Caching and Optimization in Distributed Mediator Systems Sibel Adali, K.S. Candan, Y. Papakonstantinou , V.S. Subrahmanian.

Querying Video Libraries , E. Hwang, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Retrieval Schedules Based on Resource Availibility and Flexible Presentation Specifications K.S. Candan, B. Prabhakaran, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Secure Mediated Databases, K.S.Candan, V.S. Subrahmanian, Sushil Jajodia.

Signed Formulas and Fuzzy Operator Logics , James J. Lu, N.V. Murray, E. Rosenthal.

Temporal Modules: An Approach Toward Federated Temporal Databases , X.Y. Wang, S. Jajodia, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Theory of Generealized Annotated Logic Programmimg and its Applications , Michael Kifer, V.S. Subrahmanian.

Towards a Theory of Collaborative Multimedia
K.S. Candan, V.S. Subrahmanian, V. Rangan.

Well-Founded Views in Constraint Databases: Incremental Materilization and Maintenance , James J. Lu, Bertram Ludascher, Joachim Schue, V.S. Subrahmanian.

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