Package edu.umd.cs.fuzzyTree

Class Summary
DataGraph Holds the relationship information of tree/graph.
DataNode Encapsulates the information that is in a node in an XML document.
DisplayNode Encapsulates a node displayed by a FuzzyTree
FuzzyTree Component which displays a partial tree of an XML document.
FuzzyTreeModel TreeModel used by FuzzyTree to display a partial tree of an XML document.
FuzzyTreeModel.UserAction Simple data structure, consists of affected node and an associated score change.
FuzzyTreeParameters Parameters used by FuzzyTreeModel in its score adjusting algorithms.
IsomorphicDataNodeComparator Compares nodes based on their isomorphism index and labels.
MovingSlider Slider that moves the labels and slider position as the user moves the slider to the right or to the left, to allow for a greater range of values than that of a regular slider.
ParametersDialog Dialog for setting parameters.
ScoreGenerator Creates scores from an tree of DataNodes.

Exception Summary

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