UMD-Ulster Cognitive Robotics Workshop (UUCRW), 2016

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This research workshop between the two institutes, namely The Marylands Robotics Center at the University of Maryland, and the Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC) at Ulster, is an event for developing a roadmap for collaboration in robotics and allied research between the two institutes. The institutes have have done complementary research work in vision, cognition, language, and robotics which will enable a focus towards building what is called a Smart Home, a living environment, where situations and activities will be understood and interacted with a network of wireless sensors and actuators, supplemented by mobile robots.

This workshop is organised under a larger research proposal, the aim of which is to start a long running joint Ulster-UMD collaboration to explore potential cooperation between UMD and Ulster robotics research for both collaborative work and future funding. The overall goal of this proposal is to develop a cognitive architecture that is capable of learning and reasoning over data collected from a number of sensors in an environment and determine activities and perform interactive actions in the same.

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