Research, Careers, and Computer Science:
A Maryland Symposium
November 16-17, 2001

The theme of this workshop is the opportunity for academic employment in the U.S. in computer science, and it is intended for women and minority Ph.D. candidates who are within two years of receiving their degree.

The 20 participants will have a chance to present their research, meet Maryland faculty and students, and participate in interactive sessions about academia (getting a job, keeping a job, teaching, research, publications, tenure, etc.).


Information for attendees

A few pictures from the workshop

Some sites recommended by the speakers:

  • Committee on the Status of Women in Computer Research Career Mentoring Workshop materials
  • Graduate Study in the Computer and Mathematical Sciences: A Survival Manual link on Dianne O'Leary's homepage
  • Jim Hendler's talk on How to Get that First Grant
  • Ugur Cetintemel's On the Academic Interview Circuit: An End-to-End Discussion
  • Participants:

  • Melanie Baljko
    nominator/advisor: Suzanne Stevenson (one of our grads!) Toronto devices for the disabled
    Title: Computational Simulations of Mediated Face-to-Face Multimodal Communication

  • Valentina Bayer Zubek
    nominator/advisor: Amy Greenwald, Tom Dietterich Oregon State reasoning with uncertainty
    Title: Machine Learning for Diagnosis: Initial Results

  • Sheila Denn no website
    nominator/advisor: Stephanie W. Haas U NC info and library sci
    Title: Making Search Results More Useful: The Role of Categorization

  • Maureen Doyle
    nominator/advisor: Gene H Golub, Walter Murray numer anal
    Title: Barrier Algorithms with Nonlinear Constraints.

  • Tina Eliassi-Rad
    nominator/advisor: Mary Vernon U Wisc Jude Shavlik, machine learning
    Title: Managing Large-Scale Scientific Data

  • Daniel A. Jiménez
    nominator/advisor: Calvin Lin U Texas dynamic branch pred
    Title: Dynamic Branch Prediction with Perceptrons

  • Irene Langkilde-Geary
    nominator/advisor: Geary Kevin Knight, Yolanda Gil USC natural language generation
    Title: Statistical Sentence Generation

  • Dawn Lawrie
    nominator/advisor: Neil Immerman U Mass information retrieval
    Title: Finding Topic Terms for Hierarchical Summarization

  • King-Shan Lui E-mail:
    nominator/advisor: Klara Nahrstedt Illinois routing
    Title: Spanning Tree Alternate Routing Bridge Protocol

  • Maria Papadopouli
    nominator/advisor: Henryk Wozniakowski,H. Schulzrinne Columbia realtime, multimed
    Title: Performance of Data Dissemination Among Mobile Devices

  • Anna Poplawski
    nominator/advisor: David Nicol, Dartmouth scheduling for out-of-core applics
    Title: Scheduling Logical Processes and Disk Accesses for Reduced Stall Time

  • Rachel Pottinger
    nominator/advisor: John Zahorjan, Alon Halevy and Phil Bernstein, University of Washington
    Title: The Merge Operator in Model Management Systems

  • Heather Richter
    nominator/advisor: Ellen Zegura, Georgia Institute of Technology, Gregory Abowd, ubiquitous computing
    Title: Understanding Meeting Capture and Access

  • Michelle Mills Strout
    nominator/advisor: Jeanne Ferrante UCSD na
    Title: Tiling for Iterative Sparse Matrix Computations

  • Kiri Wagstaff
    nominator/advisor: Charlie van Loan Cornell learning
    Title: Constrained Clustering with Background Knowledge

  • Michele Weigle
    nominator/advisor: Kevin Jeffay, North Carolina, networking
    Title: Investigating the Use of Synchronized Clocks in TCP Congestion Control

  • Stephanie Weirich
    nominator/advisor: Charlie van Loan Cornell programming lang
    Title: Run-time type analysis for program verification

  • Zoë J. Wood
    nominator/advisor: Peter Schroeder, Cal Tech signal processing for meshes
    Title: Topological Noise Removal

  • Qing Yi
    nominator/advisor: Iva Jean Jorgensen Rice memory management by compiler
    Title: Transforming Loop Structures

  • Hongjun Zhu
    nominator/advisor: Jianwen Su UCSB spatial databases
    Title: Octagons, octagon trees, and moving objects trajectories
  • Organizing Committee

  • Dianne O'Leary (chair)
  • Bonnie Dorr
  • Leana Golubchik
  • Dana Nau
  • Amitabh Varshney