Core Research Interests:

Computational graph theory, approximation algorithms, combinatorial optimization, computational geometry.

My recent research has been supported by NSF grants CCF 0430650, CCF 0728839 and a Google Research Award. I gratefully acknowledge their support.

My main interests are in designing efficient algorithms that can be used to solve optimization problems from different areas. Many problems in discrete optimization are NP-hard, and thus it is of interest to design effective heuristics to find sub-optimal solutions. One way of comparing heuristics is to compare the quality of the solutions they produce. Trying to design algorithms that produce solutions that are closer to optimal often leads to the design of better heuristics, as well as a much better understanding of the problem itself.

Data Migration: I have been working with Leana Golubchik and several students on various problems related to load balancing and data movement between storage devices. See our project page.

Sensor Networks: I have been working with Amol Deshpande and several students on various problems arising in the context of sensor networks. Problems are related to data migration, energy minimization etc.

Broadcast Scheduling: I have been interested in Broadcast Scheduling for almost a decade and have worked on a variety of objective functions.

Graph Algorithms: I have been interested in problems related primarily to network design.

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