Declarative Graph Analytics and Querying over Very Large, Dynamic Information Networks

Over the last decade, information networks have become ubiquitous and widespread. These include social networks, communication networks, financial transaction networks, citation networks, gene regulatory networks, disease transmission networks, ecological food networks, sensor networks, social contact graphs, and many more. Network data arises even in mundane applications like phone call data, IP traffic data, or parcel shipment data. Social contact graphs are expected to be available for analysis in near future, and can potentially be used to gain insights into various social phenomena as well as in disease outbreak and prevention. There is a growing need for data management systems that can support real-time ingest, storage, querying, and complex analytics over such network data. Network data is most naturally represented as a graph, with nodes representing the entities and edges denoting the interactions between them. However, despite much work on graph querying algorithms and graph programming frameworks in recent years, there is still a lack of established data management systems that provide declarative frameworks for querying and analyzing such graph-structured data, especially very large volumes of heterogeneous, complex-structured, and rapidly changing data. The raw observational network data is also often noisy and needs to cleaned and annotated through use of statistical models before querying and analysis. The increasing availability of historical traces of time-evolving graphs has also opened up opportunities in temporal evolutionary analysis as well as in data mining and comparative analytics over historical information. Similarly there is increasing interest in continuous query processing and real-time analytics, especially anomaly or event detection, on streaming graph data. Further, the graph sizes and the number of operations that need to be supported are growing at an unprecedented pace, necessitating use of parallel and distributed solutions, both for efficiency and for better fault-tolerance; however, graph operations are notoriously hard to parallelize.

In this project, we are building a graph data management system and a suite of tools aimed at supporting real-time and historical querying and analytics over very large, dynamic, heterogeneous, and noisy graphs. Some of the key components of our overall system include:
  • Declarative graph transformation framework (GDM 2011, SIGMOD Demo 2013): We are developing a Datalog-based framework for declaratively specifying iterative complex graph transformation tasks. Examples of such tasks include a variety of graph cleaning tasks like entity resolution, link prediction, and collective classification.
  • Temporal and Historical Analytics (ICDE 2013, SIGMOD Demo 2013, EDBT 2016): We are developing tools for managing and querying very large historical network traces. We are also building a toolkit that supports temporal analytics over such traces.
  • Real-time query processing (SIGMOD 2012, SIGMOD 2014, DEBS 2016): We are working on developing techniques for efficiently supporting stream reasoning and querying tasks that can handle highly dynamic information networks. We are also designing a Datalog-based query language for specifying various types of continuous queries and analytics (e.g., anomaly detection, trend identification, etc.) over such dynamic networks.
  • Distributed programming framework (NDA@SIGMOD 2016, VLDB Journal 2016): We are developing a distributed programming framework, called NScale, to support a large variety of analytics on very large graphs in a distributed fashion. Our framework generalizes previous distributed programming frameworks like Pregel and Giraph.

Project Participants

Publications (Chronologically Ordered)

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