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One-day Workshop on Software Testing

Dept. of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA.

GTAC 2007
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GTAC 2008

About the Course

Catalog Summary

The purpose of this one-day workshop is to introduce the participants to fundamentals of software testing, such as category-partitioning, test oracles, test coverage including MC/DC coverage, code instrumentation, unit testing, acceptance testing, user stories, and regression testing. Lectures on these fundamentals are supported by hands-on exercises in which participants use unit testing tools to develop a few test cases, instrument the code of the application under test to collect data to be used for code coverage analysis, and execute the tests. The workshop covers advanced topics in test automation as well, including pair-wise testing, AI planning, iterative relaxation event-flow graphs, GUI testing, predicate & heuristic based testing, "daily/nightly" builds and smoke tests, network protocol and web testing, and performance testing. In order to provide a holistic treatment of the topic, the workshop discusses testing broadly within the context of Software Engineering Requirements (UML), Design, Sequence Diagrams, Use Cases, and component-based software engineering.


  • Fundamental concepts of programming
  • Software engineering

Lecture Style and Schedule

  • Because of the practical nature of the course, all participants will be expected to have access to computers during the lecture. Parts of some lectures will involve writing test cases, debugging and executing them.
  • The lecture hall must be equipped with a high-resolution projector so that the instructor can show code examples.
  • The course will be conducted in 1 day.