Electronic Voting Systems

Book - The Project Outcome

Our book, Voting Technology: The Not-So-Simple Act of Casting a Ballot which describes in detail all the outcome of our three year study about the usabilty of voting systems is now available.

Presentation at USACM EC Meeting slides [PDF] - Feb 24, 2008

Project Description

Voting technologies have received higher visibility since the 2000 Florida elections. And electronic systems have received a lot of attention - but these systems raise a new host of concerns. I have focused on the usability aspects.

I am also exploring alternative interfaces for electronic voting systems.  By using Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs) for an electronic voting interface, voters can easily get an overview of their ballot as well as directly access each specific race. The following images show a sequence of screen snapshots as the voter zooms from an overview of the whole election into a single amendment race.  Click on each image to see a full-resolution image.


The complete source code and runnable demo is available.  To use this demo, you need Java installed.  Then, download and unzip the files and on Windows, double-click "run".  The application will run.  When it asks for a code to vote, enter "123".