I am a Ph.D. graduate working at Siemens Corporate Research as a Research Scientist. My dissertation was on Link Adaptation Techniques in Wireless Networks and I worked with Prof. Agrawala and Prof. Subrahmanian.

My research aims to improve the communication systems in an inexpensive and practical manner in order to benefit the lives of the everyday users all over the world. For this purpose, I have conducted research in the areas of wireless communications, mobile networking, and distributed systems, specifically focusing on the field of dynamic link adaptation in wireless networks. My research spans several application domains including industrial and residential wireless networks, Smart Grid communication technologies, autonomous monitoring through wireless sensors and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

For our book "Optimal Observation for Cyber-physical Systems", please see the Springer webpage or the Amazon webpage.

Mathematics Genealogy Project lists Gauss, Laplace, Bernoulli, Copernicus, Poisson, Fourier and many other well known mathematicians as my academic ancestors. Here is my full academic genealogy.

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