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What is Echoes ?
Echoes is a mailing list for Pink Floyd , one of the greatest rock bands ever to exist. Below is some information concerning Echoes. [more about echoes/echoserv]

What is this all about ?
Recently, there has been a number of changes that affected Echoes in a number of ways and at certain points even the future of the mailing list seemed to be uncertain. Most of these uncertainties are resolved as of this time. But nevertheless, such a situation generated a spree of new mailing lists devoted to Pink Floyd. While by itself this is by no means a "crime", some of these lists use negative statements about Echoes in their promotion materials.

It is our opinion that this is no way to treat our favorite mailing list. As a measure aimed at raising the confidence level we propose the Proud Member Of Echoes campaign.

What do we propose ?
It is simple. If you are a member of Echoes and maintain a Pink-Floyd-related web site, or even you you maintain any personal web site, we ask you to include one of the thumbnail images from the Proud Member Of Echoes library on your page. It is thought that such a thumbnail image will serve as a link to a place where the information about Echoes authorized by bear, the mighty list maintainer will be found.
This page ( served this purpose temporary, until on Nov 7, 1997 Echoes changed domains and the official Echoes Web Page had been created at Although still under construction, this seems to be a proper place to link to. So, link your pages to

The Proud Memeber of Echoes image collection

Below you can find a number of Proud member of Echoes images which can be downloaded and added to the pages. The base of this collection is the artwork submitted for an Echoes T-shirt design contest in Fall 1995/Spring 1996. We hope that the collection will grow.

The Echoes Image Gallery
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Images and image ideas are courtesy of Robert Zubek, Matt Denault, Brian _pink Davis,Dave Ward,Mikkel Andersson, Alexander Dekhtyar,Gerhard den Hollander. If you are one of the people in the above list and don't want your images here, please contact me. If your ideas or your images are found in this collection without proper credit, also, please contact me to have the problem fixed
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