Evan Golub

1210 Brendan Iribe Center
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland
egolub AT cs.umd.edu
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Applications/Pages Related to Active/Recent Research Projects

Annotated Reality Design for Novices logo
Annotated Reality Design for Novices thumbnailAnnotated Reality Design for Novices
Rest of the Story logo
Rest of the Story logoTelling "The Rest of the Story"

Kidsteam Logo
Kidsteam LogoKidsteam: Children as Design Partners
PhotoCropr thumbnail
PhotoCropr thumbnailPhotoCropr

Citizen Journalist's Toolkit logo
Citizen Journalist's Toolkit logoCitizen Journalist's Toolkit
Tablet Mylar Slides thumbnail
Tablet Mylar Slides thumbnailTablet Mylar Slides

Applications Related to Earlier Research Projects

Hit the Target thumbnail
Hit the Target thumbnailHit the Target
Virtual Transparency thumbnail
Virtual Transparency thumbnailVirtual Transparency
DynaMaps thumbnail
DynaMaps thumbnailDHTML Dynamaps
International Children's Digital Library Communities thumbnail
International Children's Digital Library Communities thumbnailInternational Children's Digital Library Communities
BIRD Note-taking System thumbnail
BIRD Note-taking System thumbnailBIRD Note-taking System

Photography applications in progress...

Composition Rules Visualizer thumbnail
Composition Rules Visualizer thumbnailComposition Rules Visualizer - Version 2
Histogram Display Tool thumbnail
Histogram Display Tool thumbnailHistogram Display Tool

Past PocketPC Games, utilities, etc.

empty image
Att The Tone
Paint by Numbers thumbnail
Paint By Numbers
Worddle thumbnail

Binary Coded Decimal clock thumbnail
BCD "Cool Time Calculator"

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