CMSC 456 Notes and Websites

My Notes and Other Readable Things Directly Related to the Course.

Notes on Easy Ciphers

Notes on how to tell if a text is English

link refered to on hw01

Cracking a Random Number Generator by James Reed

Factoring Jevon's Number by Solumb Golumb

Chinese Remainder Theorem

Secret Sharing Notes

GCD and Inverse Notes

Optional Material Related to What I have covered.

Blog post on the difficulty of determining if a poly mod n is 1-1

20 years of attacks on RSA by Dan Boneh from 1999

article on breaking DH

paper on LWE-KE

Public Key Using a Reciprocal Number with the same intractability as fctoring a number

Math Stuff that I do not plan to cover this semester

Lowell's Cipher

Another Attack on RSA- p's and q's

Paper on Cracking DES Block Cipher- Might cover

Robust Computational Secret Sharing

Math stuff that I plan to cover later this semester

Secret Sharing Made Short

Website of papers on Secret Sharing

Paper on implementing Trivium

Paper on why Trivium works

How to break RC4

Non Math Stuff

article that has passing ref to ELN having better encryption than FARC

Its all about the Benjamins

Its all about the Pentiums

Some Funny Songs

Pentagon Vulnerable

What if the Allies had not broken the German naval codes?

Casino hacked through fishtank thermostat. Really!

Queen Elizabeth finds out when her grandkids are born via an encrypted phone

Results of Polling two classes for 2016 Prez election

Electronic Voting in W. Va

Japan's Cyber Sec minister has never used a computer

Articles about Facebook.

Facebook- some students don't want to work there

Facebook can't be trusted to regular itself

Facebook – Zuckerberg tries to defend

Facebook is good for you!

So Pro-Facebook I wonder if it an Ad- but it does make some good points

CMSC 389 website, an easier course, which containts midterms and HWs and other problem

Do not try to memorize, try to understand!

CMSC 389 from Winter 2018