CMSC 456 Notes and Websites

My Notes and Other Readable Things Directly Related to the Course.

Notes on Easy Ciphers

Notes on how to tell if a text is English

Cracking a Random Number Generator by James Reed

FOR HW06: Strange Characters: The result of a classical eduation? by Phyillis Culham

Factoring Jevon's Number by Solumb Golumb

GCD and Inverse Notes

Optional Material

License to Swill: James Bond is an Alcholic

Goodbye Mr. Bond

Crossword puzzles used to Recruit Crypto People in WW II

Blog post on the difficulty of determining if a poly mod n is 1-1

Pangrams- sentences that have every letter

Article on PIN Numbers

Facebook was invented by the CIA

Imperfect Forward Security

Blog on the Imperfect Forward Security Paper

Deterministic Factoring