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Jennifer Golbeck

A note to interested students

I get a lot of emails from potential students - too many to answer sometimes - so if you are going to send me an email please read this first. It sounds a little harsh, but that is only to discourage a lot of the annoying emails that overflow my inbox. You'll find that I am quite nice if you come to talk to me in person.

Potential Students: I can only work with students who are already enrolled at the University of Maryland. I do not have control over the admissions process, I do not know (nor can I check on) the status of your application. I cannot admit students directly to work with me. Please do not email me about working with me unless you are already accepted as a student at the University of Maryland. If you are interested in applying or are in the process, please refer to the department websites for information - I cannot give you any insight beyond that.

I do not offer internships, visiting scholar positions, summer research associate positions, etc.

Current Students at Maryland: If you are already a student at Maryland, I would be happy to talk to you. However, please do NOT email me your resume asking for funding. If I have funding available, it will be for a specific project and I will have advertised asking for applications. If you are not responding to an ad, then I do not have funding available for you. If you want to work with me independently of funding, I have some limited time available to do independent study projects. If you are interested in doing one, please explain to me what the specific project is that you are intersted in working on, why you think I'm a good person to help with it, and what your research interests are in general.

Final Note: I am pretty laid back, but if you want to work with me, I expect you to know a little bit about me. For example, I am female, thus you should not send me messages that start "Dear Sir". Such obvious form letters will be ignored.