for CMSC417

This page contains late breaking announcements from Dr. Hollingsworth and Kyungdong Ryu (the TA). Please check this page a couple of times a week.


The final will be Tuesday Mat 20, 1997 from 1:30 to 3:30 in 102 CLB (classroom building).

Final Project Demos Scheduled

The final project demos have been scheduled for Wed. May 14, 1997 in the PCHASM lab (3120 AV Williams). The schedule only allows 30 min. per team so please try to arrive a bit before the start of your demo to get logged in and ready.

Last Day to Request Midterm Regrades is May 13, 1997

The deadline to request midterm regrades will be Tuesday May 13, 1997 at noon (end of office hours).

Project Groups Created

We have created groups for each project team. When you login and type groups, you can see the group id assigned to your project team. If you chgrp your project files to this group, and provide group read/write access to the files, you can share project files without having others be able to access them.

FTP Application Now Available

The ftp application is now avaialbe. The project page contains the source code and a README. You can also use this code as an example of how thread programs work.

Update on Project and Common Questions

To declare variables that have a specific number of bits, you should declate a struct of the form

typedef struct {
    unsigned int vpi:12;
    unsigned int vci:16;
    unsigned int pt:3;
    unsigned int clp:1;
    unsigned int crc:8;
} atmHeader;

You must keep the ATM cell header format as defined above. Also, you need to use payload type field of 001 for a cell containg an AAL7 trailer.

The header files for the aal7 garbler, and network configuration are now on the class web page.

Draft Project Design Due 3/14/97

The draft of the project design is due on Friday. It should include the basic structure of your project. It should also include information about the API between your layers. For example, what are the specific functions used to provide timer support?

Current Scores Posted

Your current scores through midterm #1 have been posted to the web page. Your ID number is the last four digits of you SSN.

Midterm #1 Solutions now available

The solutions are now available.

Midterm #1 Scheduled

The first midterm will be on Thursday March 6, 1997. It will cover material up to (and including) 5.2.

How to submit projects

  • Tar all source code files, Makefile and typescript file.
  • submit it using submit program residing in ~jh01/BIN/submit.

    More accounts for newly added students

  • Accounts are availble for newly added students. Please, come and see TA to get an account for the project.

    You do not need to link -lnsl on Alpha

  • The C library (/usr/lib/libc.a) that is automatically included in a link request contains the network related libraries.