Lecture Schedule

Note: You are responsible only for the material covered in class. Items marked "reading" are expected to reinforce the material covered in class, but many times I will cover things in class that are not in the reading. Sometimes the reading will contain topics that I did not cover in class; in these cases, you are not responsible for the additional material.

Items marked "additional references" are meant to provide an alternate look at the same material. Some (e.g., [B], [TW]) give a more basic, less formal, or alternate presentation of material covered in class. Others (e.g., [GB], journal articles) give a more in-depth treatment for advanced students interested in topics only briefly mentioned in class. Again, you are only responsible for what is covered in class.

All references are listed on the suggested readings page.

Entires above the horizontal line reflect what was actually covered in class. Entries below the horizontal line reflect what I intend to cover in future classes.

Remark: The references listed below are for instructional purposes only. They are not meant to provide exhaustive references for a particular area of research, do not mention all of the earlier contributions, and do not list the most recent, "state-of-the-art" results. See me for more thorough references.