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Performance Evaluation of Computer Systems -
CMSC 710 Fall 2001


  • Mesquite Software, Inc.
  • User Guides
  • The manual is available at the CS department library at Room 3164 A.V. Williams Building.
  • This software is available on CS Machines at /fs/unsupported/csim18
  • The platform/compilers supported: Solaris/[cc, CC, gcc, g++] and redHat6/[gcc, g++]
Tangram II
  • Tangram II Tools
  • This software currently only works on Linux machines and is "required" to be installed at /usr/local/Tangram2.
  • Download (software and user manual)
  • It is installed at /usr/local/Tangram2 in the CS department. The two public Linux machines in the CS department are and To use the software on those two machines, two environment/shell variables have to be set:
      set  path=($path  /usr/local/Tangram2/bin)
      setenv  JAVA_HOME  /usr/local/Tangram2/jdk1.3_linux

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