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Homework 3 - CMSC 417, Spring 2000, Section 0101

Each problem is worth 10 points.
Homework 3 Problems
  1. Kurose and Ross, Chapter 3, Problem #12.

  2. Kurose and Ross, Chapter 3, Problem #14.

  3. Consider the effect of using slow start on a line with 10-msec round-trip time and no congestion. The receive window size is 24KB and the maximum segment size is 2KB. How long does it take before the first full window can be sent?

  4. If the TCP estimated round-trip time is currently 30 msec, and the following ACK's come in after 26, 32, and 24 msec, respectively, what is the new estimated round-trip time? (Use the estimation algorithm given in the book, with x=0.2.)


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