UMCP CS Academic Advising with Nelson Padua-Perez

This page is for those students that will be meeting Nelson for CS Academic Advising.

Must Read Before Advising

General Information

  1. For advising with Nelson stop by (AVW 1203, first floor AVW).
  2. You can verify which courses you have completed and which ones you are missing by using
  3. Degree Requirements (CORE), Degree Requirements (GenEd)
  4. Four Year Plan Template
  5. A prerequisite graph for CS courses can be found at Prerequisite Graph.
  6. When selecting courses, a rule of thumb is to take a programming course along with a non-programming one (e.g., cmsc420 (programming) and cmsc451 (non-programming)). There are some courses (e.g., cmsc435) with group rather than individual projects. Combining this sort of course with another programming one should be fine (but make sure you discuss it with your advisor first).
  7. Keep in mind that some courses you may want to take are not offered every semester. Check the class schedule for next semester as soon as possible so you can plan accordingly.
  8. If you have no idea of what courses to take here are some suggestions (Nelson's opinion :) of courses I believe everyone should take:
  9. Three 1-credit courses (e.g., winter courses) can replace a 300-level elective.
  10. Keep in mind that 400-level courses fill up fast, therefore, make sure you see an advisor before your registration date.
  11. Study Abroad Information -
  12. Computer Science vs. Computing Engineering

Additional Advising Information for Students

Additional information available at Additional Information for Students.