Pavlos Papageorgiou email: pavlos_at_eng_dot_umd_dot_edu
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I graduated during the Fall of 2008. I am now a Software Engineer at Google.

I got my PhD at the University of Maryland at College Park where I was a student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department. My advisor was Prof. Michael Hicks in the Computer Science Department.

My graduate research explored how Transport Protocols and Network Measurement interact. The thesis of my research was that piggybacking measurement probes on data packets is feasible and improves the network performance of applications while reducing the overall overhead of network measurement.

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I worked part-time as a software engineer for most of my PhD degree. I worked on load balancing as a summer intern at Google, hacked the Linux kernel network stack for RioRey, a DDoS startup, worked on BGP, OSPF and other routing protocols for Ericsson IPI, and evaluated VoIP solutions for Telcordia.

I am also known as Pavlos Papageorge or Paul Papageorge (I like to confuse people).